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I am also honest i call a spade a spade even if it kills me. Looking for a lady, wishing to build a relationship, but knows what sho wants also. USA Dating in USA Singles in USA USA's only 100% FREE online dating service for American singles only.

It’s almost the weekend and all of your friends are going out with their partners. You’re left to your own devices and decide that it’s the perfect time to catch up on the shows you’ve recorded. Why, doesn’t it feel like you’re always running into the same people, no matter where you go?Many times when they join, they rarely go back to traditional methods of dating; or, if they do date traditionally, they don’t put too much effort into it.Now you might be wondering how a free dating site can be better than actually going up to someone and asking them out in person. There are some places where it’s just plain easy to find love.If you live in Michigan, you know where we’re talking about.

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