Dating matchmaking service business plan sample

For example, “I deserve love and happiness therefore I am going to take a pro-active approach to meeting new people by stepping outside of my comfort zone.” Once you establish your objective, the next steps will be easy to follow. The compatible feeling here is loneliness and it becomes like an addiction similar to how drug addicts fall in love in rehab and then once they are out in the real world their relationship falls apart because their lives are no longer ruled by addiction and needing support.

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Questions and issues always come with a sense of urgency.

I have a website in development for an online dating site.

The site will not be bias in any way as to sex, gender, race sites launching an the estimate of 900 million to be spent on dating by 2011, I am going to aggressively do this.

Most importantly, this workbook will provide you with all the information you need - including sample client agreements - to become a successful Professional Matchmaker.

Forms included on the CD provided with the Comprehensive Professional Matchmaking Start-up Kit: ✓ Screen and Qualify Form (2 pages) ✓ Profile Forms (20 pages) ✓ Physical Attributes Form ✓ Potential Matches Form ✓ Feedback Form ✓ Code of Ethics ✓ Sample Website Templates ✓ Business Plan Form ✓ MMLS Referral Form This online solution created for independent matchmakers & dating coaches includes as a lead & client database, a search engine to generate matches, and a communication center to network with other matchmakers & coaches.

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