Prevent google toolbar from updating

You receive the following notification from your Trend Micro Security software: "To avoid spyware scams, and other online threats, please get the Trend Micro Toolbar for the Chrome browser." This happens because Google Chrome released a security enhancement that automatically disables all third-party browser extensions which includes the Trend Micro Toolbar.

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It would be great if there was just a checkbox list of common plugins, so you could enable Flash for everyone, Google Toolbar for devs, Windows Update for XP, etc.

The article doesn't really go into how an admin would find these Class IDs.

Does Flash have a different Class ID for each version? What about Windows Update on XP boxes - it requires a plugin that would need to be expressly enabled.

CAUTION: [2015-12-31] This post and the equivalent one on Lollipop have been getting a load of hits over the past few days.

I suspect this is because a lot of people have got new Android devices over Christmas and want to get rid of that damned search bar.

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